OMEN STOCK product description

Comic illustration

Comic illustration

Digitalize your Market stock in no time with our new device. Do not waste time anymore, adopt an OMEN !

Here is a comic illustration of Mister A (red tee-shirt) who do not have an OMEN (at the beginning) and Mister B (blue tee-shirt) using OMEN.

Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-1 Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-2
Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-3 Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-4
Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-5 Trading-Crad-Guru-BD-planche-6
OMEN description

OMEN description

This is an amazing box, just look below.


One click to refill your stock

Our tailor made software allows you to save time and directly upload your scan cards to your favorite selling platform.

We currently support your favorite platform / MKM or Jison for custom integration. Omen card scanner offers a seamless integration with MagicCardMarket, so you won’t need to use CSV files or anithing to upload your inventory, you can just add cards to your inventory straight through its user interface. If you prefer, you’re also able to link your existing Website to Omen.


Peace of mind

Thanks to our hightly automated detection echanism anybody can use the Omen and reliably upload card to their stock at your predefined or updated price.

Just pass a card under the sensor, i twill be added to your card list, you won’t have anything else to do, except perhaps changing the quantity or the condition of the card. You can also change the condition parameter, that way, your next cards will be listed in the set condition. You just have to sort your cards by condition the scan them and add them to your inventory. We’ve also added a feature which helps you to set your cards prices before putting them on sale, for example, you could have your cards listed at MagicCardMarket Trend price +5%.


Non Environnement dependent

The Omen can scan card wherever you set it up and regardless of light conditions.

You won’t be looking for a place with optimal light conditions, or trying to move the card to have it recognized by Omen. Thank’s to our rack system, designed to not damage cards, you can use Omen in any location, a GP booth, a dark room (you might want to work in a dark room who knows) your store, as long as you have your Omen and a computer with a USB port and internet connection, you’ll be able to scan cards without any mishaps.


Handle card specificaties

We are able to detect card names, card set and language for all available cards with an accuracy of 99,9%.

Omen will instantly recognize the language in which the card has been printed, be it Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Latin characters.

The same is true for card set ( with some exceptions for card without set symbol).

No special handling from your part, Omen will allow you to add this card to your inventory knowing that you’ve made no mistake.


Blazzing Fast

Allow you to scan up to 1.000 Cards in 20 minutes. Upload more than 150 different cards in one go with our rack system.

Nowadays, collectible card games stores needs an up to date inventory for various reasons. To swiftly find any card asked by a client. To offer the widest possible range of cards and products on your website or marketplace. There is no shortcut to add those cards to your inventory, you either have to type the card name or it’s reference etc…

This method takes approximately betseven to fifteen seconds per card, depending on the parameters to take into account, language condition, etc… On a whole workday, that means hours ans hours wasted and above all it is an hindrance ragarding the quantity of cards you cana dd to your inventory in a day. Yet, a deadstock, you know that, represents money tied up which you can’t invest in your company.

Omen allows you to add cards to your inventory more than ten times faster than with a regular method, all this time you’ve lost up till now, you’ll earn it back !

OMEN Video

OMEN in action

You need more proof, here you go.