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Will I be able to scan cards if I only buy the Omen Hardware ?

No, you have to purchase at least 1 month of membership to use the product.


How to install Russian language pack ?

In order to use the Russian auto detection feature, you need to manually install the language pack, here is how :

Open your Windows Settings and choose Language and Time.

Select the Region and Language tab.

Add a language.

Find and click on Russian.

You just have to click once and it will install everything necessary.
There is no need to download addition packs.
Your language settings should look like this in the end :

How to Calibrate the camera ?

From this version, at launch, the application will try to retrieve your personal camera calibration information.
If there is none, it will ask you to perform the calibration.

To do that, you need the red plastic token we have sent you by mail and that you should receive by Friday 24/03.
Just place it in the empty rack and press “Start Calibration”.
If you have not yet received the token, you can just press “Start Calibration” then click on the Cancel Button.

It will fail the calibration and start the scanner with the default settings and your Omen will work the same way it did in the previous versions.

You can also recalibrate your camera through a dedicated settings page at any time.